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Cabin Nature Center
Mission: To serve the community as a natural science and cultural interpretive center.

Calumet Ecological Park Association
Mission: The mission of the Calumet Ecological Park Association (CEPA) is to preserve and enhance a variety of natural, cultural, and historical areas in the Calumet region for present and future generations. The Calumet region is Northwest Indiana and Southeast C...

Calumet Environmental Resource Center
Mission: To provide a unique resource library referral network and meeting place where local community residents, government officials, nonprofit environmental organizations and others can learn about and respond to pressing environmental issues in the Calumet reg...

Campton Township Open Space Program
Mission: The mission of this Open Space Plan is to preserve and protect the semi-rural character of Campton Township. To that end, this Plan describes an Open Space Program to acquire open land for passive and active recreational purposes and for the protection of...
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Cantigny Park
Mission: Cantigny Park’s mission statement is in development. The McCormick Foundation’s is: Fostering Communities of Educated, Informed and Engaged Citizens.
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Caretakers of the Environment International/USA
Mission: To provide high school students and teachers with the knowledge and skills for thinking globally and acting locally on environmental issues through yearly conferences in different countries and joint projects.

Center for Instruction, Staff Development, & Evaluation (The)
Mission: Develop instructional materials in science and environmental education, provide teacher training/staff development and evaluation services.

Center for Neighborhood Technology
Mission: To invent and implement new tools and methods that create livable urban communities for everyone.

Chicago Academy of Sciences / Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Mission: The Chicago Academy of Science and its Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum inspire people to learn about and care for nature and the environment.
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Chicago Audubon Society
Mission: To promote the understanding and appreciation of nature, and to aid in the conservation and restoration of our natural ecosystems for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biodiversity.

Chicago Botanic Garden
Mission: The mission of the Chicago Botanic Garden is “We cultivate the power of plants to sustain and enrich life.” With its world-renowned plant collections and displays, the Garden is one of the country's most visited public gardens and a preeminent center for ...
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Chicago Conservation Corps
Mission: The mission of the Chicago Conservation Corps (C3) is to recruit, train and support a network of volunteers who work together to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and schools through environmental service projects that protect our water, cl...
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Chicago Council on Science and Technology
Mission: C2ST will be an advocate for regional science policy, and among the nation’s leading source of information on policy issues of science and technology.

Chicago Gateway Green
Mission: Chicago Gateway Green is dedicated to greening and beautifying Chicago’s expressways, gateways, and neighborhoods.

Chicago Green Theatre Alliance
Mission: The Chicago Green Theatre Alliance encourages, educates, and motivates theatres to work together to adopt more environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of their organizations.

Chicago Herpetological Society
Mission: The purpose of the Society shall be: (1.) To enhance the education of the members and the general public through the programs of the society; (2.) To promote the conservation of all wildlife in general and of herpetofauna in particular, whenever and where...

Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
Mission: Our school strives to foster a commitment to student excellence and achievement by nurturing an understanding and appreciation of animals, nature and the environment as they prepare to become future stewards of the world.

Chicago Living Corridors
Mission: Chicago Living Corridors promotes the idea that private landowners can be vectors for change by restoring wildlife habitat on their land and creating habitat corridors between protected conservation areas in order to reverse diminishing biodiversity, the ...

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
Mission: Formed in 2005, CMAP integrates planning for land use and transportation in the seven counties of northeastern Illinois. The new organization combined the region's two previously separate transportation and land-use planning organizations - Chicago Area ...

Chicago Ornithological Society
Mission: To serve the needs of birdwatchers of all levels. COS designs its programs, field trips, and identification workshops to appeal to and educate a broad spectrum of birders. The conservation of birds is of special concern to COS.

Chicago Park District
Mission: The mission of the Chicago Park District is to: - Enhance the quality of life in Chicago by becoming the leading provider of recreation and leisure opportunities - Provide safe, inviting and beautifully maintained parks and facilities - Create a customer-...
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Chicago Recycling Coalition
Mission: Chicago Recycling Coalition works to promote recycling, source reduction and composting. Individuals, community groups and environmental groups can join together and change the way Chicago treats the earth.

Chicago Region Interpreters
Mission: Inspire people to care for the earth by presenting educational, entertaining programs that feature live animals, story telling, and audience participation.

Chicago Wilderness
Mission: Chicago Wilderness is a regional alliance of more than 250 organizations working together to restore local nature and improve the quality of life for all who live here, by protecting the lands and waters on which we all depend.

Chicago Zoological Society / Brookfield Zoo
Mission: The mission of the Chicago Zoological Society is to inspire conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature.

Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund, Inc.
Mission: To acquire, restore, preserve, and manage prairie lands which include rare, endangered and threatened species, lands with natural diversity and viable ecological communities as well as to promote the conservation education of its members and the general p...
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Citizens for Conservation
Mission: Saving living space for living things through protection, restoration, and stewardship of land, conservation of natural resources and education.
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Citizens Utility Board
Mission: CUB's mission is to promote the health, welfare and prosperity of all the citizens of this State by ensuring effective and democratic representation of utility consumers...Such purpose shall be deemed a statewide interest and not a private or special conc...
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City of Chicago
Mission: Chicago City Council Committee on Health and Environmental Protection. A Committee of the Chicago City Council chaired by Ald. George Cardenas of the 12th ward. Ald. George Cardenas Office: 3476 S. Archer Chicago, IL 60608 (773)523-8250

Conservation Foundation (The)
Mission: To enhance the quality of life by preserving open space, protecting natural lands, and improving rivers and watersheds.
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Conservation Fund (The)
Mission: The Conservation Fund forges partnerships to protect America's legacy of land and water resources. Through land acquisition, sustainable programs, and leadership training, the Fund and its partners demonstrate effective conservation solutions emphasizing ...

Conservation Research Institute
Mission: Conservation Research Institute is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to furthering applied research and educational opportunities in planning, design, installation, restoration, and long-term management of sustainable ecological systems in built...

Conserve Lake County
Mission: The mission of Conserve Lake County is to preserve open land, restore natural areas, and inspire a commitment to land conservation for the benefit of people and wildlife in Lake County.
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Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability
Mission: The Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability works to improve the quality of the environment for all residents of Cook County.

Cosley Zoo
Mission: To create connections between people and animals that will inspire lifelong conservation of the natural world.
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Crabtree Nature Center
Mission: Environmental education and appreciation-ecology is the underlying theme. Relationships between plants, animals and their environment are stressed. Emphasis is on the native oak-hickory forest and the prairie communities.

Crystal Lake Park District
Mission: A commitment to provide a safe leisure environment along with quality programs, parks, facilities and services, and to preserve and protect open land and water areas, that will benefit and improve the quality of life for our residents.

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